Virgin Coconut oil (VCO) is a versatile oil and a strong foundation to any recipe. Simply replace your regular unrefined oil with our organic VCO. Our VCO has a high smoking point unlike other oils, which makes it safer to use in stir-frys and baking. Even at high temperatures VCO retains its nutritional benefits. Coconut oil is also great vegan and dairy free alternative to butter. You can substitute VCO one for one with butter or other oils in baking recipes.



In today’s world, our Earth suffers from over farming and excessive use of chemicals in the soil. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is farmed organically to avoid any harmful man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and genetically modified products. So this enables us to provide you with a 100% Pure Organic Virgin Coconut oil, chemical and pesticide free!



Coconut Oil is one of few foods that can be classified as a superfood. The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil increases how many calories you burn as compare to the same amount of other fats. About 50% of fatty acids in the coconut oil is lauric acid, making VCO one of the best sources of this highly beneficial compound. Lauric acid has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. 



Regular coconut oil is made by pressing dried copra to extract oil that is refined, bleached and deodorized. Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh milk of organic coconuts by keeping the temperatures below 48 degrees Celsius unlike 400 degrees Celsius of refined coconut oil. The less processing the oil undergoes, the higher the more nutrition it retains. Processing removes and destroys nutrients. Our certified organic VCO is purest form of coconut oil you can get.



Our Virgin Coconut Oil consists of 1 ingredient - Organic, 100% unrefined cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. It has no other ingredients or additives. Grinding coconut meat produces coconut milk, from which the oil is extracted. Our VCO is created and picked by coconut artisans who ensure each jar contains the best quality coconuts to retain its fresh, tropical taste. Hence our VCO has got a mild and pleasant coconut scent.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - 500ml Certified NPOP & USDA

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  • Non-GMO and naturally made, organically grown coconuts are cold pressed and completely shredded for the highest quality USDA certified organic, virgin unrefined oil. Heapwell Coconut Oil can be used in a solid or liquid state, and will last two years on average if kept in a cool, dry location.

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